4: The Light of Christ and Self-Deception

Should Be Known
4: The Light of Christ and Self-Deception

I would like to propose that one great source of light we violate when we self-deceive is the Light of Christ. Also known in scripture as the Spirit of Christ, this light proceeds from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space, gives us our knowledge of right from wrong, is the very light and life of men, and is the very law by which all things are governed. To me this means that we can’t escape it. When we go against this light, whether consciously or not, we must self-deceive, in order to justify ourselves. That’s the theory–that we absolutely can’t violate it without deceiving ourselves. This lays the groundwork for everything we’ll discuss later. See what you think.

Oh, and we just solved the whole philosophical problem of how we know what is moral or not.

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