Though the original concept of the podcast was to be more general, it has so far been wholly occupied with the problem of self-deception as it relates to all of life but especially anxiety and depression.  Self-deception, as I’m calling it, is when we go against the light and knowledge we have, and as a requirement of doing so, justify ourselves by making the wrong seem right to ourselves, distorting our view of things in the necessary way.  I believe this is a normal mechanism of life and also plays a part in emotional difficulties and addictions, in addition to their physical aspects.

It’s a bit of a difficult thing to wrap one’s brain around sometimes, but it’s been fun and rewarding, and I believe it has the potential to help at least some people in their struggles with these issues.

I’ve been including original music in each episode as well.  Hope you like that.

I myself am a father, husband, musician, control systems engineer, and regular guy, among other things.  I studied philosophy and psychology in my undergrad at BYU and music technology for grad school at NYU.  I presently live in Kansas.

I Hope you enjoy the podcast and please participate by commenting or emailing me if you are inclined to do so!